RMP Revives the HA. HA. Sisterhood with a Kick Off Happy Hour on April 21

The Rocky Mountain Partnership has revived the HA.HA Sisterhood Network!

On April 21, 2023, we hosted a happy hour kick off with special remarks from OG Sisterhood member, Adams County Commissioner Emma Pinter.

Check out snapshots from the event below.

4.21.23 RMP HA. HA. Sisterhood Reception

What is the HA HA Sisterhood?

The HA. HA. (High Action High Alignment) Sisterhood is a community of practice that brings together lady leaders to learn from each other, share ideas, and strengthen collaboration.

Whether they are on RMP’s Community Leaders Council, Community Coalition, Backbone Board of Directors, numerous project teams, or a critical ally, they embody the tenants of RMP’s approach to making a positive difference in our community’s economic and social mobility:

  • We are working towards a common vision
  • We are better when we are working together
  • We engage community members most impacted by our work to make change
  • We uses data (both quantitative and qualitative) to inform action
  • We work to impact systems, not just programs and behaviors

How can I learn more about the HA. HA. Sisterhood?

Contact Jody Nowicki, RMP Senior Director of Stakeholder Engagement at JodyNowicki@RMPBackbone.org.

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