About RMP

Our Approach

National Alignment 


We are one of nearly 70 partnerships that are part of the national National StriveTogether Network, utilizing their evidence-based framework to enhance community well-being, empower individuals from early childhood through their careers, and encourage sustainable and inclusive economic growth. 

StriveTogether has set a national goal to put 4 million more young people (up to age 35) on a path to economic mobility by 2030.


StriveTogether, utilizes a Theory of Action™ to support networks like RMP as they build the civic infrastructure necessary to transform systems. The Theory of Action™ provides progressive milestones that inform necessary collaboration of cross-sector leaders from systems like education, housing, health care, and more to get better results for youth and families. RMP is currently designated as a ‘Systems Change’ community. View the full Theory of Action HERE.

Receiving the ‘Systems Change’ designation signifies that our network has demonstrated compelling evidence and success in reshaping policies, practices, resource allocation, and power dynamics. RMP now alongside 14 other partnerships from across the nation who hold this remarkable designation.


Large-scale social change requires broad cross-sector coordination. To learn more about the Collective Impact we follow, check out the Stanford Social Innovation Review article by John Kania & Mark Kramer!