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Civic Influencers

One of RMP’s priorities is focused on increasing community influence and leadership in the collective work, including policy, through the RMP Civic Influencer Model. Civic Influencers are youth ages 16-24 who are directly impacted by the challenges RMP is working to address. Civic Influencers are compensated, trained, supported, and resourced to:

  • Participate in collective work through RMP and partner organizations
  • Gather voice and perspective to inform the work
  • Hold leadership positions (elected and appointed) across the region

Through this role, Civic Influencers work to affect change in the areas that directly impact them, including through policy. They mobilize themselves and other community members to provide education and awareness about these issues, help assess us the impact of existing and proposed policies, and sometimes even rally the community in support of proposed policies that will positively impact the community and economy.

 Civic Influencer Council Members:

Gabriela Chavez, Chair

Sarah Justice Hughes, Vice-Chair

Jennifer Morales

Ana Ruiz Jacob Suniga-Chavez Naseem Sosheel Samuel 


  Lizz Valeria Decanini  


An example of Civic Influencers Affecting Community Change

RMP is committed to not only arming our decision makers, but also our Civic Influencers with sophisticated information needed to take action. For example, in fall of 2022, RMP’s Civic Influencers leveraged insights from an impact assessment to modify and target messaging out in the community in order to help pass a mill levy override for the third least funded school district in Colorado.

 RMP’s use of impact assessments is garnering national attention

November, 2022 unprecedented mill levy override win for 27J Schools is capturing national attention.

Communities across the nation are captivated by how 27J Schools and RMP mobilized a community coalition to help secure $17.7+ million annually for the third least funded school district in Colorado. This includes how the coalition leveraged a youth policy impact assessment to inform their action.

Our story was featured in four national highlights co-produced with StriveTogether and Kids Impact Initiative (a key technical assistance partner).

CASE STUDY: Rocky Mountain Partnership Wins on Ballot Measure by Centering Youth: How They Did It   PODCAST: RMP’s CEO talks Economic and Social Mobility on the ‘Together for Change’ Podcast
Co-produced with Kids Impact Initiative and StriveTogether, this briefing document tells the story of how RMP used a youth-centered strategy – including a youth impact assessment and youth-led coalition – to help pass a local school ballot measure in November 2022. Read the Case Study now.   In a recent episode of the Together for Change podcast, Jennifer Blatz, president and CEO of StriveTogether, Lisandra Gonzales, CEO of Rocky Mountain Partnership, and Simon Tam, senior director of marketing and communications at StriveTogether, discuss the importance of economic mobility and getting better results in social impact work. Listen to the podcast now.

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If you are interested in joining the Civic Influencer Council, complete the application (Spanish version or English version) and an RMP Team member will reach out to talk with you more

Contact Jody Nowicki, Senior Director of Collaborative Action at with additional questions or to learn more.