Data Hub

Data Hub

Data Hub

We have developed a data hub that brings together data, community voice and perspective, and other information to help us understand the current state of, and measure the progress and impact of our work towards our vision and mission.

What is RMP trying to impact?

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Ultimate Impact

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Our vision is to ensure every community member in Adams County, the City of Aurora, and the City and County of Broomfield, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, zip code or circumstance, has the opportunity to earn an income that allows them to take care of themselves and their families, and thrive from cradle to career.


x We work together to transform systems when needed that empower community members to earn skills and credentials, have access to Top Jobs, and advance in their career by: building on what works, deploying new and innovative strategies, and aligning policy and funding. x We have landed on four data points that help us tell if regional economic and social mobility is ultimately improving.We monitor these measures trend-over-time. When these metrics move in the “right” direction, they are associated with improvements in economic and social mobility. Progress around each is indicated in the dials below.



These data points are tracked alongside other data in critical areas that are most impacting community members in the Rocky Mountain Partnership Scorecard.

Click the button below to view the RMP Scorecard.

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What work are we doing towards our vision and mission?

We have prioritized four work areas where this network is uniquely positioned to do collective work that:

  • Is not duplicative of efforts already underway through partner organizations or elsewhere in the region
  • Builds on or enhances efforts partners are already working on
  • Fills critical gaps to support better coordination and cohesion across efforts

RMP has developed interactive dashboards for each of these areas areas. These dashboards paint a holistic and comprehensive picture of what’s currently happening in the region, how the community is being impacted at all levels, progress and impact of the regional work underway.

Click the buttons under each logo below to view their respective dashboards.

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Contact Ashley Edinger, Senior Director of Strategic Supports, at with additional questions or to learn more.