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Become an Investing Corporate Champion

Become an Investing Corporate Champion (Corporate Investor)

Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Partnership (RMP) – where leaders and community members are WORKING TOGETHER to ensure that every young person across our region has the opportunity to embark on a successful journey toward economic and social advancement. We invite your company to join us as an Investing Corporate Champion, leveraging your influence to drive positive change in our region.

Why Invest with RMP?

  1. Drive Impactful Change: Your investment fuels high-impact projects and strategic policy changes aimed at addressing our region’s most pressing challenges. Together, we’ll cultivate a skilled and resilient workforce, fueling economic growth.
  2. Champion Community Well-being: Support initiatives that enhance community well-being and advancement. Investing in our workforce’s future lays the groundwork for increased productivity, innovation, and economic prosperity.
  3. Unlock Tangible Benefits: Enjoy tangible business advantages through your connection with RMP. Gain access to a diverse talent pool, increased business opportunities, and contribute to a resilient local economy.

Ready to Make a Difference?

Explore our investment levels and benefits to see how you can become an Investing Corporate Champion with RMP.

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For more information on becoming a corporate investor, contact Jody Nowicki, Senior Director of Collaborative Action, at