Meet the Partnership

RMP Backbone Team

The RMP Backbone team, serving as the cornerstone of our partnership, is an independent and skilled group of professionals that brings partners together to drive collective efforts. Committed to achieving shared goals, they play a pivotal role in fostering collaboration, establishing strategies, tracking progress, and securing resources. The skilled team of professionals leading our collective efforts prioritizes the network’s success over individual interests. They remain neutral to ensure the overall achievement of the RMP Regional Targets.

Team Members:

Lisandra Gonzales
Chief Executive Officer
Jody Nowicki
Senior Director of Collaborative Action
Ashley Edinger
Senior Director of Institute & Strategic Supports
Kendra Simpson
Senior Director of Business Operations
Joe Baker
Senior Quantitative Data Analyst
Kate Gitchell
Events & Logistics Specialist
Gloria Moreira
Development Associate
Ben Nash
Information Mapping Specialist

Backbone Team’s Support to Drive the Work Looks Like:

Bring partners and community together and manage high-impact projects that tackle the core issues.
Identify the factors that have the most significant impact on the challenges we’re tackling. This will help us clearly pinpoint which root causes should be the primary focus of our projects and move our work forward effectively.
Find ways to improve policies (whether they’re at the organizational, local, state, or national level). Share knowledge about policy matters with our partners and the community, and keep an eye on how these policies are making a difference so that partners and community can advance improvements.
Support getting the necessary funding to start, sustain, and grow our projects and advance the work.
Serve as a central Knowledge Base for all the essential data, info, and best practices related to our work. Help decision-makers use this knowledge to steer their efforts in the right direction.