Strategic Plan

Regional Target Champion Approach

What Are Regional Target Champions? 

Regional Target Champions are key entities or groups with the ability to set population-level targets that align with at least one Cradle to Career milestone. Their targets contribute directly to RMP’s shared regional goal of enabling 71,000 additional young people up to age 35 to meet Cradle to Career milestones by 2030, with an interim target of 3,398 by 2024.

Target Champions come from all across the region to own their piece of the 71,000 target and can include nonprofit organizations, coalitions, local government, neighborhood groups, businesses, etc. that directly impact Cradle to Career outcomes or who address the factors and barriers that prevent young people from being successful (healthcare, basic needs, housing, food security, juvenile justice, etc.)

Currently there are five different organizations acting as Regional Target Champions, you can learn more about them here.

“No single organization is to blame for the pervasive social challenges we face, nor can any single organization be the sole architect of their solution.”

-“Collective Impact”, Kania & Kramer (2011)

What Specifically are Target Champions Contributing to in the 2-24-2025 school year?

We’ve detailed the breakdown of our overarching goal of 71,000 by 2030 for each Cradle to Career Outcome area annually, as illustrated in the chart below. 

Our Annual Target for the 2024-2025 school year is 3,398. Regional Target Champions are pivotal in achieving both the overall regional target of 71,000 and the individual annual target of 3,398 for 2024. Each Target Champion is tasked with setting their own targets within at least one outcome area.

What Is the Role of a Regional Target Champion? 

  Pledge to join the community wide movement to ensure 71k more young people are on a path to social and economic mobility measured at the outcome level through the proven C2C outcomes
  Commit to the Knowing and claiming their number’ towards the overall 71K target and set annual target(s) to whatever C2C outcome(s) their work ladders to
  Develop a key driver that illuminates what is impacting their focus population and their specific efforts to address these factors
  Track the progress and impact of their efforts and use this information to adjust, expand, abandon, or scale their efforts
  Identify gaps so the collective can problem solve around how to fill those gaps
  Contribute to a region wide policy agenda that removes barriers and advances efforts towards achieving regional goal
  Participate in Community of Practice with other Target Champions
  Work with the RMP Coordinating Team to garner technical assistance and support as needed, share out and celebrate progress and lessons learned in real-time.

Learn More about becoming a Regional Target Champion

Contact Jody Nowicki, Senior Director of Collaborative Action,, learn more or to become a Regional Target Champion.