RMP’s Civic Influencer Model

Become a Civic Influencer Sponsor

Become a Civic Influencer Sponsor

Rocky Mountain Partnership’s Civic Influencers are on a mission to create real change in our community. We invite you to be a crucial part of this transformative journey by becoming a sponsor for our Civic Influencer program.

Your Sponsorship:

  • Directly contributes to Civic Influencers are trained, supported and resourced enabling them to bring our perspectives to the forefront of decision-making processes
  • Empowers Civic Influencers to be catalysts for meaningful change
  • Fuels efforts to collect and amplify a diverse range of community voices, ensuring that decision-makers are connected to the real needs of our
  • Not only impacts local change but contributes to a broader movement of empowering young leaders nationwide

Your support isn’t just a donation; it’s an investment in the potential and future of young leaders like us. Together, we can shape a tomorrow that reflects the diverse voices and needs of our community.

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For more information on sponsoring the Civic Influencer Program, contact Ashley Edinger, Senior Director of Institute and Strategic Supports, at AshleyEdinger@RMPBackbone.org.