The Rocky Mountain Partnership is a group of leaders and community members who are WORKING TOGETHER to ensure that every young person across our region has the opportunity to embark on a successful journey toward economic and social advancement.

Guided by a nationally recognized framework and data, we strive to create impactful, large-scale solutions. We break down silos within existing efforts, optimize regional resources, and advance impactful policies and strategies.

Through diligent goal setting, data monitoring and accountability, we ensure significant and lasting change.

Our 2030 Regional Goal

Individuals on the path to economic and social mobility by 2030
  • An estimated 123,000 young people are NOT on a path to economic and social mobility.
  • If no action is taken, this number is expected to intensify even more by the year 2030.
Rocky Mountain Partnership has set an ambitious target to ensure 71,000 more young people are achieving the key milestones we have identified along their journey to economic and social mobility.

Our Priorities

Through a thorough factor validation process, Rocky Mountain Partnership has identified four initial priorities to double down on as a network. This includes aligning additional organizations already addressing other key factors impacting upward mobility to the regional target. 

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Accelerate the number of young people earning skills and credentials aligned to good jobs

Housing icon

Reduce housing barriers that disrupt education, skill development, and employment

Community Civic icon

Engage, consult, and co-create solutions with those most affected by the challenges we seek to improve, in order to address root causes and achieve our intended impact

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Grow the number of organizations who establish individual goals aligned to the regional target and actively track progress towards them so we can accelerate and amplify impact

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