About RMP

About RMP

The Rocky Mountain Partnership is a group of leaders and community members who are WORKING TOGETHER to ensure that every young person across our region has the opportunity to embark on a successful journey toward economic and social advancement. 

Guided by a nationally recognized framework and data, we strive to create impactful, large-scale solutions. We break down silos within existing efforts, optimize regional resources, and advance impactful policies and strategies. 

Through diligent goal setting, data monitoring and accountability, we ensure significant and lasting change.


Unite decision-makers and stakeholders, including those most impacted, to create a future where the full potential of every young individual is realized, contributing to the growth and prosperity of our community and region as a whole.



An economically prosperous region, where every young person, regardless of their background or circumstance, can be successful on their journey toward economic and social advancement.


National Alignment 

We are part of the National StriveTogether Network, and our approach is based on their evidence-based framework to improve our societal structures, foster sustainable and inclusive growth, and support community members to thrive from cradle to career. Our regional 71,000 goal is aligned with StriveTogether’s national goal to put 4 million more young people, from birth to age 35, on a path to economic mobility by 2030.

StriveTogether, utilizes a Theory of Action™ to support networks like RMP as they build the civic infrastructure necessary to transform systems. The Theory of Action provides progressive milestones that inform necessary collaboration of cross-sector leaders from systems like education, housing, health care, and more to get better results for youth and families. RMP is currently designated as a ‘Systems Change’ community. Receiving the ‘Systems Change’ designation signifies that our network has demonstrated compelling evidence and success in reshaping policies, practices, resource allocation, and power dynamics. RMP now alongside 14 other partnerships from across the nation who hold this remarkable designation.

Where We Work

We are a place-based partnership*, meaning we are focused on a specific geographic area, working in the heart of the north Denver metro region, which includes Adams County, the City of Arvada, the City of Aurora, and the City and County of Broomfield. 

This region is one of the fastest growing regions in Colorado, having grown its population by 19% over the past 10 years, with no sign of slowing down.

It is inclusive of both suburban and rural areas, and is home to over 900,000 community members and growing.

*A Place-based partnership is a collaborative effort addressing specific challenges or opportunities within a particular geographic area or community that works within the context of a specific location to implement initiatives, programs, or strategies aimed at improving the well-being and development of that area.

Shared Regional Target

RMP has set an ambitious target to ensure 71,000 more young people are achieving the key milestones we have identified along their journey to economic and social mobility. 

Toward this, our 2030 Strategic Plan will guide us through this initial ‘RESILIENCY PHASE’, which aims to get us back to the rate we were at prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are measuring our progress through the improvement of the metrics that we know indicate if someone is on a path to being economically and socially mobile.