HA. HA. Sisterhood

HA. HA. Sisterhood

What is the HA. HA. Sisterhood?

The HA. HA. Sisterhood embodies the spirit of High Action and High Alignment (HA. HA.), aiming for significant and lasting change through diligent goal setting, data monitoring, and accountability. The HA. HA. Sisterhood, a powerful network of women leaders dedicated to fostering collaboration and addressing the significant challenges within our community. Each member is a lady leader making a profound impact in our region, and together, our collective force knows no bounds. Rooted in the principles of RMP’s collective approach, we work collaboratively to ensure that every young person across our region has the opportunity for economic and social advancement. Guided by a globally recognized framework, we break down silos, optimize regional resources, and unite decision-makers and stakeholders to create impactful, large-scale solutions.

What is the purpose of the quarterly events?

As we navigate the ongoing journey towards equality in the workplace and leadership, this sisterhood serves as a supportive platform for us to inspire, develop, and influence each other. These gatherings are more than mere occasions; they represent a space for shared experiences and meaningful partnerships. Amidst the engaging atmosphere, attendees can enjoy appetizers and drinks, fostering an environment where camaraderie thrives.

Become a HA. HA. Sisterhood Event Sponsor

The following packet contains a calendar of upcoming events as well as an outline of sponsorship levels, benefits, and how you and your business/organization can step up as a sponsor in support of the HA. HA. Sisterhood events! We thank you for your commitment to this shared vision of economic and social mobility for all, and your support.

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For more information on becoming a HA. HA. Sisterhood Event Sponsor, contact Kate Gitchell, Event and Logistics Specialist, at KateGitchell@RMPBackbone.org.