Rocky Mountain Partnership Enhances Training & Development Strategy for Partners

In a strategic planning process, the Rocky Mountain Partnership took the opportunity to reevaluate the significance of its programming in alignment with its mission. The mission focuses on uniting decision-makers and stakeholders, including those most impacted, to create a future where the full potential of every young individual is realized. This contributes to the growth and prosperity of our community and region as a whole. This process led to a realignment of training offerings, strategically evaluating the most relevant training for partners.

The primary goal remains to strengthen partner capacity for impactful systems change. RMP aims to empower more individuals in the community with the awareness, skills, and connections necessary to disrupt disparities faced by families and students in the Rocky Mountain region concerning cradle-to-career outcomes.

This initiative involves cultivating technical and adaptive skills in specific yet interconnected domains: Collaboration, Inclusive Talent, Data, Policy and Funding (with a focus on system improvement and input), Leading Change (Integrating the civic influencer model and exploring ways to incorporate aspects around community leaders and scaling the influencer model).

These areas align seamlessly with the collaborative action framework of the Strive Together initiative. In the upcoming months, RMP will provide support for training within each of these categories, ensuring a comprehensive approach to community development.


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