The Collective Work

The Collective Work

Our Collective Work

Towards our vision and mission, we have prioritized four work areas where this network is uniquely positioned to do collective work that:

  • Is not duplicative of efforts already underway through partner organizations or elsewhere in the region
  • Builds on or enhances efforts partners are already working on
  • Fills critical gaps to support better coordination and cohesion across efforts

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Support increasing the number of learners on pathways to Top Jobs and the number of pathways that exist by supporting partners to understand what pathways currently exist, what is currently happening around them, and providing support (as needed) to use this information to improve and extend pathways Support community members to have more equitable access to jobs and employers to expand their labor pool by improving their hiring, retention, and employee advancement practices
Accelerate the removal of housing barriers impacting youth and their families by supporting partners to understand the impact of housing related policy, funding, and public services and make improvements to these things to better serve youth and families (for example: improving the co-location of services) Address the opioid crisis by supporting a Regional Council that distributes funding from state litigation settlements in a way that will have the most impact and prioritizes additional action

How is This Not Duplicating Good Work Underway?

Our dedicated team brings partners doing work in priority areas together so everyone can do their pieces well in a more coordinated way, and also helps to fill the gaps for what is not already in place to meet our goals. Collective work also doesn’t mean the work must be exclusively collective. Although network partners do come together to engage in collective strategies, each partner brings its own role, function, work, resources, expertise, and data to achieve results.