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Community Coalition Council

Community Coalition Council

The RMP Community Coalition Council serves as the sister leadership table to the RMP Community Leaders Council. Together these tables inform strategic priorities for the network, participate in innovative projects to advance these priorities, identify new projects as needed, and hold accountability to impact.

The Community Coalition Council is comprised of Civic Influencers and includes community members across ages, ethnicities, primary languages, parental status, sexual identity, education status, etc to ensure that a diverse group of community members experiencing the challenges RMP aims to address are co-leading the collective work and are engaging in projects that will help address what is most impacting them across network’s shared goals.

This Council leads the larger RMP Community Coalition and In addition to these shared responsibilities, Community Coalition Council also:

  • Gathers community voice and perspective (through focus groups, interviews, and surveys) to identify what individuals are experiencing in order to help inform RMP’s work
  • Mobilizes the larger community and advocates for change (includes supporting ballot initiatives, state legislation, and other local policies)


Current Community Coalition Council Members

Gabriela Chavez Sarah Justice Hughes Jennifer Morales
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  Ana Ruiz  
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Latest Effort: 27J Schools Mill Levy Override

In November 2022, 27J Schools passed its first mill levy override in over two decades, securing much needed funding for school safety, career development opportunities, and increased teacher pay. I am 27J’s work to mobilize and rally the community together resulted in the majority of votes in favor of the mill levy override, 56% to 44%. The passage of this mill levy override is a historic and much-needed win for youth, families, and the larger community. Congratulations 27J!!!

Members of the RMP’s Community Coalition and staff celebrate the mill levy override with Dr. Chris Fiedler, Superintendent of 27J Schools and RMP Co-Chair.

Overheard at 27J Schools’ Election Watch Party…

I’ve been through this seven times. This community rallying together is what’s different.

What we did here together has to be part of our culture, not just an event.

How RMP’s Community Coalition Supported 27J Schools

Over the last several months, a community coalition mobilized through RMP and worked with I am 27J to help educate and turn out voters in order to pass this mill levy override. We connected with over 900 community members at over 20 community meetings and events, educating youth and families on the importance of the mill levy override and how every single person can make a difference by voting ‘yes’ on 5B.

  The passage of this mill levy override shows that community-driven advocacy works, and while this effort was the initial focus for RMP’s Community Coalition, it certainly won’t be the last as RMP continues to forge ahead in closing equity gaps across our community. Click the button below to other photos and snapshots from this effort.

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Thank You To Our Supporters

The work of RMP’s community coalition would not be possible the invaluable support RMP received from:

  • Amy Engelman
  • Matt Horn
  • Jody Nowicki
  • Kendra Simpson

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