Partner Spotlight: Maiker Housing Partners

Through our partner spotlight series, you’ll learn more about some of the initiatives underway by partners engaged in the Rocky Mountain Partnership.

Each partner featured demonstrates one or more of the core tenets of the Rocky Mountain Partnership’s framework to improve economic and social mobility and close inequities for those most impacted by our work:

  • We are working towards a common vision
  • We are better when we are working together
  • We engage community members most impacted by our work to make change
  • We uses data (both quantitative and qualitative) to inform action
  • We work to impact systems, not just programs and behaviors

Maiker Housing Partners engages community members in the design of their newest affordable housing community

Maiker Housing Partners is disrupting generational poverty through socially conscious community development in Adams County. In addition to providing affordable housing options to Adams County residents, this progressive housing authority invests in the individual and collective power of its residents, Maiker members, so they can live the lives they aspire to live. 

As a local housing authority, Maiker is a proud partner within the Rocky Mountain Partnership (RMP), in particular around RMP’s goal to increase the availability and accessibility of housing. In alignment with RMP’s commitment to engaging those who are most impacted by our work, Maiker is an organization that strives to include member perspectives in the decision-making for the development of its communities. RMP and Maiker put this shared commitment into practice by co-hosting a community-informed design session for one of Maiker’s newest properties.

Community members participate in Claude Court design process

In November 2022, RMP and Maiker invited community members, K-12 schools, community- based organizations, elected officials and more to share design ideas for Maiker’s newest housing community, Claude Court. Participants gathered to discuss the layout of the property, amenities that should be offered on-site, and the type of programming that would support a thriving community. This design session, which included Adams County community members, is currently guiding the development and construction of Claude Court.

Take an inside look into the design session by watching the video below.

Maiker is motivated to transform the housing landscape in Adams County by making it more representative of, equitable for, and available to all of our community members. RMP is grateful for Maiker’s leadership as we work together to ensure the North Metro Community has the opportunity, resources and support they need to thrive.

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Support engaging community members in your own work

Part of the Rocky Mountain Partnership (RMP) Backbone Team’s role is to ensure those most impacted by the challenges we seek to solve are engaged in projects.

As you may have read in our weekly memo, Elena Mendoza recently joined the RMP Backbone Team as the Director of Community Engagement.

In this role, Elena supports the development of and project manages RMP’s Community Coalition, and leads overall community engagement efforts.

Click the button below to learn more about Elena or to connect with her directly about how you can support engaging community members in your own work.


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