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The RMP Backbone Team

The RMP Backbone Team

We engage a 501(c)(3) that employs a dedicated team, separate from participating organizations, to drive the shared work.

Our dedicated team brings partners doing work in priority areas together so everyone can do their pieces well in a more coordinated way, and also helps to fill the gaps for what is not already in place to meet our goals.

Current Team Members

Below are the current members of the RMP Team. The RMP Team is committed to ensure it includes individuals that represent the community served by the Rocky Mountain Partnership, and is proud to be an active participant in the network’s ‘Improved Hiring, Retention, and Employee Advancement Practices‘ strategy alongside other employers.

C-Suite Leadership 

Lisandra Gonzales

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Oversees all operations for the Rocky Mountain Partnership (RMP) Backbone team, leads the Partnership (including its strategic plan and collective work), and ensures the needed staff are in place and supported to effectively drive and support RMP’s work


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Executive Leadership 

Jody Nowicki
Senior Director of Stakeholder Engagement
Facilitates the Community Leaders Council (including Steering Committee), and ‘Addressing the Opioid Crisis’ effort; Ensures the cohesion fund development and outcomes financing efforts


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Ashley Edinger
Senior Director of Strategic Supports
Ensures the cohesion of strategic support areas (data, community voice & perspective, communications, partnership events, capability building, strategic planning, and information mapping); Project Manager for the Improved Hiring, Retention, and Employee Advancement Practices Effort


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Kendra Simpson
Senior Director of Business Operations
Serves as the project manager for human resources administration, finance, business administration, the RMP Backbone Board of Directors, sponsorships, and corporate investments


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Matt Horn
Director of Collaborative Action
Facilitates the ‘Supply of Talent to Top Jobs’ and ‘Housing Access and Availability’ efforts


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Joe Baker
Senior Data Analyst
Collects, analyzes, visualizes, and manages quantitative data


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Ben Nash
Information Mapping and Special Projects Manager
Manages efforts to map and align existing community assets; Engages in special projects to build capacity across the organization


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