Gabriela Chavez Confirmed as First Youth Representative on the RMP Steering Committee

As a Steering Committee member, Gabriela will work directly alongside other community leaders to lead the strategy for the Partnership. This includes setting the strategic priorities for the network and providing strategic leadership and guidance to the entire Community Leaders Council.

RMP is committed to work alongside community members most impacted by existing systems to co-develop strategies. In this role, Gabriela will provide a unique perspective that will support informing how the Partnership’s work can better meet the needs of community members who are most impacted.

Adding Gabriela and other youth representatives to the Steering Committee is not intended to be tokenizing, and these representatives’ role is not to speak on behalf of all youth across the region. Rather, working alongside community members directly impacted by this work is intended to equip the Partnership’s leadership table with valuable perspective they need as they make criticla decisions about the collective work.

In addition to being a Steering Committee member, Gabriela is also part of the core team leading a youth-led community coalition to mobilize the community and drive action to increase school funding int the region. Gabriela is also a 27J Schools alumna, and part of their Blue Ribbon Commission, doing work in the the district to understand their financial needs and making a recommendation related to pursing a mill levy override to address these needs.

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