Employers Participating in Improved Hiring, Retention, and Employee Advancement Practices Effort Will Come Back Together on November 17

Employers participating in the ‘Improved Hiring, Retention, and Employee Advancement Practices‘ effort will come back together as a cohort on Thursday, November 17 from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

What will be accomplished?

Participating employers will:

  • Review their employer self-assessment report
  • Develop measurable goals and clear action steps towards achieving these goals
  • Further dive into the Hiring, Retention, and Employee Advancement toolkit
  • Hear directly from partner entities who have committed to providing technical assistance supports to this cohort, and get signed up for supports
  • Get signed up for Cultural Intelligence Training Series and/or Communities of Practice

Action Needed

Participating employers received an email directly from the RMP Team about this session. If you have not already completed your employer self-assessment, please do so in advance of that session.

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