Employers Participating in Improved Hiring, Retention, and Employee Advancement Practices Effort to Convene for In-Person ‘Kickoff’ Session

Employers participating in the Improved Hiring, Retention, and Employee Advancement Practices effort will convene on Monday, September 19 for an in-person ‘kickoff’ session.

Participating employers have already begun work through this effort, however, this is the first time this group will come together in-person as a larger cohort.

What will be accomplished in this session?

Participating employers will:

  • Establish clear baselines for where they are at in the Hiring, Retention, and Employee Advancement benchmarks
  • Identify and/or confirm clear goals and action they will take to improve their hiring, retention, and employee advancement practices
  • Share out learnings and best practices
  • Learn about additional supports available to their companies

Action Needed

Participating employers received a calendar invite to confirm their attendance. If you are a participating employer and have not received a calendar invite, please contact Kayah Swanson at KayahSwanson@RMPBackbone.org.

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