2024 State Legislative Session Kicks Off Today

As we embark on the commencement of the Colorado State Legislative Session this week, we are excited to announce the revival of our weekly policy brief at Rocky Mountain Partnership (RMP). This brief is designed not only to keep you abreast of the latest legislation and policy developments impacting our priorities but also to empower you to take informed action and delve deeper into the legislative landscape.

In each edition, we’ll provide comprehensive updates on policy and legislation impacting RMP’s core priorities. Importantly, we’ll also highlight opportunities for your engagement, ensuring you’re in the know about key issues. Our focus goes beyond updates; we aim to provide education, awareness, and essential information. By doing so, we empower you with the information you need to take action that is most meaningful and impactful to your organization.

This week’s edition serves as an introduction to RMP’s role with policy, outlines our key priorities as a network, and provides a roadmap of what you can expect in the coming weeks. We are particularly excited to unveil our 2024 bill tracker, which will serve as a valuable resource to track and monitor legislation that aligns with our priorities.

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