Partner Spotlight: Senior Hub Remote Care Worker Program

In July 2022, with funds from the Women’s Foundation of Colorado, The Senior Hub launched the BIPOC Remote Care Work Program.

What is the BIPOC Remote Care Work Program?

This program supports 28 Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color (BIPOC women) with informal and formal medical and caregiving backgrounds to provide remote care to older adults in our community.

How does it advance economic and social mobility within the RMP Region?

It addresses critical workforce needs and creates opportunities for economic mobility.

Remote Care Work is the NOW of “wellness care,” and allows BIPOC medical professionals and professional caregivers to earn a cash stipend; be gifted a laptop, software, and tablet to craft viable contract work opportunities for themselves; and work with flexibility while engaging older adults across the state of Colorado.

It expands critical care services to support older adults through technology.

Through this program, these Remote Care Workers utilize the Routinify software program via tablets and laptops to set up client features like Care Circle and Digital Care Plan. These services support older adults with managing their medications, tracking their exercise, monitoring their fluid intake, tracking their sleep, and much, much more.

Remote Care Workers also help older adults schedule Telehealth / Telecare visits and access digital health related resources.

How do I learn more?

Contact Sue Bozinovski, Contractor – Workforce Coordinator,

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