What is a Clear Pathway?

The ‘Clear Pathways to Top Jobs’ effort is about ensuring clear pathways to Top Jobs are in place from cradle to career. But what does this actually mean?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that has been lifted by partners about this collective work area. To help with clarity around this effort, the RMP Team has worked with partners to refine how this work is communicated.

What is a Pathway

In the education space, pathways are known as a sequence of classes that ends in some sort of graduation demonstration (for example: certification, college credit, etc.)

The Problem

For many learners, the ability to get through a pathway is clouded with barriers both in and outside the classroom(transportation, mental health, not knowing what pathways exist, stigmas associated with certain pathways, etc.). In addition, pathways do not always continue for learners to continue to gain skills and/or have clear steps to employment in Top Jobs after they graduate from high school. 

What is a CLEAR Pathway

A pathway is considered ‘clear’ if it starts in K-12, and extends all the way through graduation, post-high school education/credentialing, skill attainment, work experience, and ultimately employment AND includes access to supports that address barriers learners are experiencing along the way.

The RMP Team’s Role in This Effort

Similar to the plastic binding that holds a six pack of soda together, our dedicated team brings partners doing work in priority areas together so everyone can do their pieces well in a more coordinated way, and also helps to fill the gaps for what is not already in place to meet our goals.

Through this effort, the RMP Team is bringing together school districts, employers, navigators, case managers, and community support service providers alongside learners to improve and extend existing career pathways, and develop additional pathways to Top Jobs that do not already exist in this region.

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Questions? Contact MattHorn@RMPBackbone.org.

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