The Multi Year Rocky Mountain Partnership Strategic Plan Development is Underway!

Over the past several months, the Rocky Mountain Partnership has been developing a multi-year strategic plan alongside current partners, external content experts, and consultants. A key part of this plan includes setting a regional multi-year target to increase the number of individuals who are on a path to economic and social mobility that aligns with the StriveTogether goal to put 4 million more individuals on a path to economic mobility by 2030.

Why is this Important?

  • We have a comprehensive and authentic plan to set us up for success in 2024 and beyond
  • This is not something that was created behind closed doors- the RMP Team has been talking to dozens and dozens of stakeholders to get input and buy in to what is included
  • Setting a multi-year regional target to increase the number of individuals on a path to economic and social mobility helps hold RMP and all of the other entities operating in our region accountable to improving community conditions for those who live and work here
  • It also will provide a clear metric that will help the myriad of organizations doing good work in this region assess the impact they are having on advancing economic and social mobility

Where Can I Learn More about This Target and Strategic Plan?

There will be more information about the target and strategic plan shared out at this year’s annual State of the Partnership Event on November 30th! Click the button below to RSVP.

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