Rocky Mountain Partnership Receives ‘Believer Award’ from 27J Schools

27J Schools has chosen Rocky Mountain Partnership as one of their 27J Believer Award winners for being a Winter Wonder.

Rocky Mountain Partnership was recognized at the January 25 Board of Education Meeting.

Rocky Mountain Partnership was nominated by the 27J Schools Communications Department. Read their full nomination below.

“Since Rocky Mountain Partnership was made aware of 27J’s funding situation, they have been a steadfast supporter of improving the quality of education in our schools. They stepped in to help the Iam27J citizen’s campaign to support the mill levy override on the ballot this fall.

Facing a short election timeline, RMP quickly launched a youth-led community coalition from the ground up. This coalition mobilized 27J students, alumni, and other community members to educate, register, and advocate for the 2022 mill levy override that is the first step in closing the funding gap 27J faces.

Over this time period, Rocky Mountain Partnership connected with over 900 community members at over 20 community meetings and events, advocating for 27J students and the benefits of passing the mill levy would bring.

Without strong partnerships and supporters like Rocky Mountain Partnership, our historic mill levy win this fall would not have happened. Rocky Mountain Partnership has helped 27J increase student safety, invest in our teachers, and provide students with job-ready skills. Thank you Rocky Mountain Partnership for your continuous support and advocacy of high-quality public education.”


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