RMP Regional Housing Roundtable Day 2: October 27, 2022

A group of local government and housing authority practitioners will come back together on Thursday, October 27, 2022 from 12:00 – 2:00 PM to continue to discuss housing across the region.

What will be accomplished in this session?

This session will build on the foundation laid during the first meeting for practitioners to:

  • Further showcase the work they are currently doing around access and availability of housing
  • Learn about the work other local governments and housing authorities are doing
  • Scope what opportunities for synergy and collaboration exist to support a regional approach to housing
  • Develop recommendations for how they can be better working together

Information shared during the session will be captured to build on an Asset Inventory and Data Dashboard that support partners to develop shared strategies and track the progress of their work over time.

How did this session come to be?

In July 2022, a group of local government and housing authority leaders (from across the RMP region) met to scope if there was a desire for a collective space for their work. They determined that they there was an opportunity to work BETTER TOGETHER to increase and improve access and availability of housing for our workforce and community throughout the region.

This roundtable is convened by:

Who should attend?

City managers and other local government practitioners, and public housing authorities

Action Needed

Local government leaders and housing authority practitioners will receive an invitation to RSVP via email. Contact Matt Horn at MattHorn@RMPBackbone.org to learn more.

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