RMP launches First High Impact Project (HIP): Increasing Opportunities to Learn at Work




As you may know, the Rocky Mountain Partnership (RMP) launched the 2030 Strategic Plan earlier this month. As part of this plan, several High Impact Projects (HIPs) will be launched that will help us as a network advance our shared regional goal of ensuring that 71,000 more young people achieve significant milestones on their path to economic and social mobility.

Our inaugural HIP, “Increasing Opportunities to Learn at Work,” is designed to propel us toward our priority of accelerating the number of individuals up to age 35 earning skills and credentials for good jobs. Learn more about the plan HERE.

The initial focus of this HIP is to expand the availability of learning at work opportunities, including Registered Apprenticeships and Paid Internships, and increase the number of youth (up to 35) who engage in those opportunities in our region and to measure progress through data. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every learner who can benefit from a learning at work opportunity has access to one, particularly targeting top-paying positions within high-demand industries.

What exactly are HIPs? They are not your traditional projects. HIPs are comprehensive initiatives strategically crafted to drive systemic and policy changes while addressing the underlying factors behind our community’s challenges.

We invite you to explore the full Project Plan by clicking the button below for more details and learn how you can get involved!

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Thank you for your unwavering commitment and support in our shared mission to create a region where every community member thrives.

Concise summaries of each project will be included in the appendix of the strategic plan.

Additionally, RMP will be sharing community wide status updates on projects ongoing. 

Join our Project team

We don’t have all of the answers. We have a good start with our initial goal, but there is so much more to be done. Join us to dig into the data and root cause, develop strategy, and set future goals! One perspective we are missing right now is around paid internships, but welcome anyone interested!

Fill out the interest Form to get involved! 

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Participate in an Employer Forum

Join us in March for our upcoming Employer Forum! Whether you’re looking to launch new registered apprenticeships, expand existing programs, or register current apprenticeships, this reception is your chance to gain valuable insights. Join us and discover how you can take your workforce development initiatives to the next level!

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Become an Investor in This Project  

If this work is something you are passionate about, become a seed funder to help us accelerate and drive impact!

Fill out the interest form and an RMP Team Member will be in touch!

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