New RMP Executive Committee Members

It is with great pleasure that the Rocky Mountain Partnership (RMP) announces Kami Welch, Gabriela Chavez, Sarah Justice Hughes and Constance Schmidt as the newest members of the RMP Executive Committee.

Kami Welch is President and Chief Executive Officer of The Arvada Chamber of Commerce.

Kami diligently focuses her efforts on comprehending trends and challenges that wield an influence over the business community’s capacity to prosper. These encompass workforce barriers, escalating healthcare costs, fluctuations in legislative policies, and an array of other factors. By orchestrating gatherings of stakeholders, influential business leaders, and policy architects, she plays a pivotal role in safeguarding Arvada’s prosperity.

Furthermore, Kami’s dedication extends into the domains of growing talent, where actively fostering skill enhancement, an increased stock of workforce housing, working towards augmenting accessible housing options for the workforce, and increasing childcare capacity, channeling efforts into expanding childcare resources. Also, her work encompasses strengthening the business environment through dedicated advocacy and entrepreneurial initiatives, ultimately nurturing an ecosystem that is conducive to sustainable business growth and entrepreneurial ventures. Additional accomplishments include the Arvada Chamber of Commerce unveiling of the B.O.L.D. campaign a $2.275 million business initiative that seeks to address talent, housing, childcare shortages. The campaign seeks to raise $2.725 million by 2026, of which $2.1 million has already been secured.

Kami’s humility, collaborative spirit, and innovative mindset have redefined leadership and set a course for the future success of member businesses and the entire Arvada community. In July of 2023 she was awarded the esteemed Outstanding Women in Business Award from the Denver Business Journal and we at RMP could not be more proud. Kami Welch’s remarkable journey and commitment to progress make her a vital asset to RMP’s leadership, enhancing our vision for a thriving future.

Gabriela Chavez, Civic Influencer

Gabriela will be serving as the Chair of the Civic Influencer Council and representing that group alongside her fellow RMP Executive Committee. Gabriela joined RMP as a Civic Influencer in July of 2022. As a Civic Influencer, Gabriela works directly alongside other community leaders to lead the strategy for the Partnership. This includes setting the strategic priorities for the network and providing strategic leadership and guidance to the entire RMP network. With her extensive knowledge and hands on experience we are thrilled to have her on the team.

In November 2022, 27J Schools passed its first mill levy override in over two decades, securing much needed funding for school safety, career development opportunities, and increased teacher pay. I am 27J’s work to mobilize and rally the community together resulted in the majority of votes in favor of the mill levy override, 56% to 44%. The passage of this mill levy override is a historic and much-needed win for youth, families, and the larger community. Gabriela played an integral role in this work and this likely would not have happened without her support.

To learn more about Gabriela and her role here.

Sarah Justice Hughes, Civic Influencer

Sarah will be serving as the Vice-Chair of the Civic Influencer Council, and will join Gabriela on the RMP Executive Committee. Sarah became a Civic Influencer with RMP in July 2022, contributing her skills and expertise to RMP. In this role, she collaborates directly with other community leaders to shape the Partnership’s strategy. Sarah plays a key role in setting strategic priorities for the network, offering valuable leadership and guidance to the entire RMP community. Her extensive knowledge and hands-on experience make her a valuable asset to the team, and we are thrilled to have her contribute to our mission.

Sarah is presently pursuing her education at Metropolitan State University in Denver, having earned her Associate’s degree from Front Range Community College. She is majoring in Sustainable Systems Engineering and is expected to graduate in 2024. Post-graduation, Hughes aspires to remain in Denver and collaborate with a local organization to contribute to the sustainability of her community. Her goal is to play a pivotal role in enhancing existing businesses and infrastructure, working towards a more sustainable and resilient future. Sarah also played a key role in the passage of the Mill Levy override.

To learn more about Gabriela and her role here.

Dr. Constance Schmidt (MHA,FACHE), CEO St. Anthony North Hospital CommonSpirit Health

Dr. Constance Schmidt, MHA, (FACHE), will step in as chair of Healthcare on the RMP Executive Committee. With over a decade of dedicated healthcare leadership experience, Constance is a true asset to our committee.

Constance’s expansive background, coupled with her remarkable skills and achievements, make her an outstanding choice to champion the Healthcare sector’s interests within our committee. Constance has served as a valuable member of our Community Leaders Council since 2021, which speaks to her deep level of engagement and commitment to the Rocky Mountain Partnership’s mission.

With Constance’s wealth of knowledge and experience, we are excited about the invaluable contributions she will bring to our efforts to strengthen the healthcare sector’s impact within the Rocky Mountain region. Her involvement is sure to drive positive change and innovation, and we look forward to her continued dedication to our shared goals.


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