DOLA And RMP Release Data Tools To Drive Housing Decisions

After the passage of Proposition 123 in last fall’s election, the biggest question on local government and housing stakeholders minds’ was, “what does this mean for my locality?”

Until recently, there was no centralized place where localities could go to get information about the State Affordable Housing Fund created by Proposition 123, what requirements localities would need to meet to access dollars through the fund, or even what localities’ affordable housing stock currently looks like in order to know if they should even move forward with additional action to grow their housing stock.

To support regional clarity and help partners better navigate the work ahead in the affordable housing space, RMP and Colorado’s Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) have released several tools to support local stakeholders, including:

Together, these tools are designed to be interactive resources for local government and housing stakeholders alike to understand their current affordable housing landscape, set goals for increasing their affordable housing stock (where needed), and measure the impact of their work on the larger community and economy.

Click the links above to explore each tool.

The RMP Backbone Team has also put together a matrix to help you understand the different functions and areas of focus for each tool:

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