Adams County Opioid Abatement Grant Round 1 Closed

Applications for the first round of funding for the Adams County Opioid Abatement Grant have officially closed. The Adams County Opioid Council received 12 applications from across sectors this round.

What is the Adams County Opioid Abatement Grant?

The Adams County Opioid Regional Council has launched this grant to provide critical funding to efforts intended to abate the opioid crisis in the Adams County region in alignment with the state-wide joint framework. Colorado stands to receive over $400 million from litigation settlements reached with companies who fueled the opioid crisis over the next 18 years, and the Adams County region has received almost $3.5 million of that.

What’s Next?

The Adams County Opioid Council has assembled a ‘vetting committee’ to do an initial round of scoring, and the larger council will review proposals at their meeting on February 22.

Where can I learn more?

Click the button below to learn more about the grant.

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