Our Work

Our Work

Our Priorities 

Through a thorough factor validation process, we’ve identified three initial priorities to double down on as a network. 







We are focused on these industries* to start:

Construction Healthcare Advanced Manufacturing* Aviation/Aerospace IT/Software
The construction industry involves planning, building, and maintaining structures. It includes design, project management, site preparation, construction work, materials, technology, safety, quality control, post-construction services, and environmental considerations.



The healthcare industry focuses on keeping community members healthy in body and mind. It includes places like hospitals and clinics, professionals like doctors and mental health experts, tests and medicines, preventive care, health insurance, community efforts, online healthcare, and research for better treatments.


Advanced manufacturing is a modern industry where sophisticated technologies like robotics, 3D printing, and automation are used to create products. It’s all about making things faster, more precisely, and often with custom features that traditional manufacturing methods can’t achieve.



The aviation and aerospace industries focus on flying and exploring beyond our planet. They involve making planes, building spacecraft, running flights, managing airports, improving aircraft technology, guiding air traffic, military aviation, maintaining planes, exploring space, and even opening up space for tourism.






The IT and software industry is like a tech hub where they create apps, fix computer issues, keep things secure with cybersecurity, use the cloud for storage and power, analyze data, make smart machines with AI, build websites and phone apps, organize information, connect computers with networks, get tech projects done, and enable buying and selling online with e-commerce.

*These industries were identified in alignment with AC-REP, Adams County Government, Arvada Chamber of Commerce Colorado Workforce Development Council, the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation, and other content experts in the talent, workforce, and economic development spaces.

How We Will Do This

As part of this work, we are launching High Impact Projects (HIPs) with clear start and end dates that align to the strategies. Partners come together on project teams (aka Collaborative Action Networks) and follow the continuous improvement process to set goals, measure progress, and make adjustments in real time as needed to reach targets.  

Not your Granddaddy’s Projects…. HIPs are multifaceted initiatives designed to catalyze systemic and policy change while simultaneously targeting behaviors, actions, programs, and strategies. They are crafted to tackle the root causes or underlying factors behind the challenges our community is experiencing. Our primary objective is to make substantial and meaningful transformations within these systems, aiming to foster sustainable impact and change. These projects strategically integrate program elements to make comprehensive and sustainable change at the systemic level.

These releases will include detailed project plans that include the following: 

  • The specific challenges the project intends to address 
  • Initial Goals and how they tie into cradle to career outcome level impact
  • Timelines and Milestones 
  • Who is engaged 
  • Calls to Action 
  • Budget
  • The long term community investments required to reach the project’s ultimate goal and the return on investment for the community
  • What funding is “unlockable” to support the project. (What funding exists that is not currently being accessed or optimized and how it could be leveraged to support this project).

Concise summaries of each project will be included in the appendix of the strategic plan.

Additionally, we will be sharing community wide status updates on projects ongoing. 

How We Will Do This Together

*This includes a wide range of stakeholders from the private sector, public sector, education, government, healthcare, faith based organizations, philanthropy, etc.