The target-setting subcommittee is receiving expert support from a management and technology firm to set measurable goals for the work and innovate RMP’s Opioid Data Hub

The target-setting subcommittee is determining when it will get together to discuss what measurable goals(s) the Adams County Opioid Council should be measuring progress towards. This includes (but is not limited to) goals related to the distribution of litigation settlement funding.

In order to prepare for this session, the RMP Backbone Team has begun mapping which strategies funded by the Adams County Opioid Abatement Grant impact which metrics tied to the opioid crisis. RMP is receiving in-kind, expert data consultation and support from MG Advisory, a management and technology firm, around this.

MG Advisory will continue to provide in-kind consultation ongoing as The Partnership works to advance this work, and further innovate the Opioid Data Hub.

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