The Pulse

The Pulse is an interactive data dashboard and serves as a way to keep a finger on the pulse of the community’s well-being. The Pulse will also serve as a scoreboard tracking the improvement of Community Outcomes over time. The data will be disaggregated by gender, race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, etc., and dropped on maps to illuminate where the greatest disparities exist and for whom.

Network partners will utilize this data collectively, and also have the opportunity to use this data within their own organizations, to make decisions in real time, improve and scale practices, and target policies, services, and resources in order to make the most impact.

Just like a human body’s pulse indicates a healthy heart that is pumping blood through the body properly, The Pulse data reveals where the government, organizations, programs, and systems that make up the heart of a community can align and realign to best serve the community members that make up the community body. The Pulse tool allows the Partnership to look at communities by location, identity gaps, target interventions based upon the unique needs of each neighborhood, and track progress.

It should be noted, the rollout of the data is not prioritized based on one outcome being more important than another, but on what is realistic to move forward with the network’s current capacity to gather, analyze, and visualize data.

For more information about data, The Pulse, its development, and how it will be used, click below!

The Pulse FAQs