Rocky Mountain Partnership Featured in Livability Magazine for Breaking Socioeconomic Barriers

The Rocky Mountain Partnership (RMP) recently garnered attention in Livability Magazine for its impactful efforts in addressing socioeconomic barriers that impede workforce development and economic growth. The organization, featured prominently, demonstrated a steadfast commitment to cultivating a skilled talent pool through collaborations with residents, businesses, and educational institutions. By proactively eliminating obstacles related to language, accessibility, and other factors, the RMP aimed to equip community members with the skills and opportunities necessary for successful careers.

RMP’s proactive approach was evident in its identification of key focus areas: health and mental health, social and criminal justice, education, training, and skill development, and economic and workforce development. By addressing these challenges, RMP and its partnering organizations actively worked to solve complex problems that had long hindered the community’s progress. Ashley Edinger, Senior Director of Strategic Supports for the RMP, emphasized the importance of skill credential attainment as a critical component for individuals to thrive in high-demand, well-paying jobs.

CEO Lisandra Gonzales highlighted the organization’s comprehensive support system, underscoring the importance of a continuous pipeline from K-12 schools through employment. RMP’s collaboration with public schools, trade schools, and universities aimed to increase access to skills training, with a particular focus on supporting career development training programs. An exemplary collaboration was witnessed in the partnership with Westminster Public Schools to create a state-of-the-art career and technical center, serving both K-12 students and adult learners, contributing to the larger effort to enhance the talent supply across the region. The RMP’s commitment to breaking down barriers and fostering community-wide collaboration was exemplified through partnerships with organizations like Adelante Community Development. Together, they addressed barriers to success and ensured that individuals and businesses had the knowledge and resources needed for economic opportunities and job creation in the region.

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