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The Rocky Mountain Partnership is excited to extend a special invitation to employers to learn more about how youth apprenticeships can reshape your workforce’s future.

Unlocking the potential of our future workforce relies on providing hands-on workplace learning experiences for everyone, including our youth. Apprenticeships provide a structured pathway for developing a skilled and loyal workforce, while also allowing employers to directly influence the training and development of their future employees. By investing in youth apprenticeships, businesses can help bridge the skills gap, reduce recruitment costs, and contribute to the growth of a highly competent and motivated workforce, ultimately fostering long-term success and sustainability.

To that end, we are thrilled to announce an upcoming Lunch and Learn event, in collaboration with CareerWise Colorado, on November 15th to provide employers with an opportunity to explore and expand your understanding of youth apprenticeship programs and postsecondary workforce development.

CareerWise Colorado will highlight the specific supports they offer to employers through the Rocky Mountain Partnership. C-suite leaders and HR decision-makers are particularly encouraged to attend, as your insights and expertise are pivotal in shaping the future of workforce development in our region.

This opportunity is just the beginning. Please join us for this event as part of our ongoing efforts to help businesses and community members discover opportunities to enhance workforce skill attainment without the need for traditional higher education pathways.

For more information on modern youth apprenticeships, please contact Emily Sanders, CareerWise Colorado’s Partnership Development Manager at

For more information about this event or additional apprenticeship programs and opportunities to build your talent pipeline, please contact Jody Nowicki, Rocky Mountain Partnership’s Senior Director of Stakeholder Engagement at

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