New Community Leaders Council Members

Welcome New Community Leaders Council Members!

Dr. Gabriel Castaño

Vice President, Enrollment Management & Student Success, Front Range Community College (FRCC).

Gabriel joined the RMP Community Leaders Council this June and we could not be more thrilled to have him!

Learn more about Gabriel and his role here.


Kim Woodworth

Executive Director of Economic Development Council of Colorado.

This month, we welcomed Kim as the newest member of the CLC. Anticipating a fruitful collaboration, we are excited to have her join our team.

Learn more about Kim and her role here.


Izabela Petrykowska

Izabela recently stepped into the role of Executive Director at the Arvada Economic Development Association.

The team at RMP is excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Izabela and is eager to embark on new initiatives together.

Learn more about Izabela and her role here.


And a big Thank You and Congratulations to two individuals transitioning off of the Community Leaders Council! 

Daniel Ryley

Appointed as Vice President of Corporate Attraction at the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Daniel Ryley for his successful transition from his role at RMP to his new position as the Vice President of Corporate Attraction at the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation.

Daniel’s invaluable contributions have been instrumental in supporting RMP and the CLC throughout his tenure. As he embarks on a new role, we extend our heartfelt best wishes for his continued success. We are thrilled that he remains an integral part of our organization, spearheading and leading impactful work within the realm of RMP. His dedication and expertise are a driving force behind our ongoing achievements, and we eagerly anticipate the positive impact he will undoubtedly bring to his new responsibilities.

You can read more about Daniel and his new role here.

Dr. Tricia Johnson

Appointed as Deputy Executive Director at the Department of Higher Education

Tricia previously sat on the CLC as a representative from FRCC. RMP Thanks Tricia for her contributions to the organization and looks forward to future collaborations.

Learn more about her role at the Department of Higher Education here.

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