Young Leaders Society of Adams County

If you haven’t heard about the Young Leaders Society of Adams County (YLS), now is your chance! YLS develops diverse, young adult leaders who support youth success within our community through outreach, role modeling, and community partnerships.

YLS needs your help!

1. We’re accepting applications (click here) for new members! We are looking for current sophomores and juniors to join our team – no previous experience is required.

2. We’re scheduling community leaders to share their expertise during our 2015-2016 session. Our group is interested in topics like public speaking, improv, interview skills, college application process, and financial literacy. If you or your contacts can help, we’d be grateful. Please email

YLS can help you…

1. We’re a group of articulate, opinionated, and passionate young people who are willing to offer input to your organization if you’d like a youth perspective on new plans, ideas, or challenges. Please contact us if your organization would benefit from youth input.

2. We enjoy being active in the community and supporting kids and younger teens, so please let us know if you have any volunteer opportunities for our group.

Want to learn more?

Please check out We are committing to helping other youth succeed, and we appreciate all of the great adults who support, believe in, and encourage us. Please email us with questions or ideas at

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