Work underway to Understand the Impact of Housing-Related Policy, Funding, and Public Services on Youth and Families

RMP is working to better understand how housing insecurity impacts educational attainment in the region.

To this end, RMP is conducting a landscape assessment that will provide a snapshot of how housing-related policy, legislation, funding, and public services are impacting youth and families along their educational journeys. This includes stories, insights, and feedback directly from youth and families about how they, and the larger community, are being impacted.

Who is Helping Conduct This Landscape Assessment

RMP is receiving coaching and technical assistance from several reputable, national entities to conduct this landscape assessment, including:

  1. Kids Impact Initiative
  2. Children’s Funding Project

How Findings From this Assessment Will Be Used

Findings from this assessment will be shared publicly through an interactive dashboard (see draft here) that paints a holistic and comprehensive picture of what’s currently happening in the region, how the community is being impacted at all levels, and progress and impact of the work underway.

Partners, policy makers, funders, and the larger community will be able to use these findings to drive action at all levels, including:

  1. Developing and informing a a regional, youth-informed policy agenda and strategic financing plan
  2. Improving existing programs and services, and putting in place additional supports to meet gaps in services

Next Steps

The first step is to understand and leverage information that already exists about the impacts of housing policy, legislation, funding, and public services. This includes needs assessments, research, surveys, and other efforts that have already happened in this region. View the growing list of what’s been identified so far HERE.

Action Needed

If you are aware of any current or previous efforts underway to garner insights about the impact of housing policy, funding, and public services on youth and families, please share those directly with

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