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Policy and Legislative Advisory Network

Policy and Legislative Advisory Network

The Policy and Legislative Advisory Network (PLAN) is a leadership table composed of policy leaders from investing partner organizations and local, state, and federal elected officials. The PLAN is a working group that drives the policy and advocacy strategy for the network, focusing on policies, legislation, and funding allocation that can be impacted and/or developed at ALL levels (organizational, municipal, county, regional, state, and federal).

Within the PLAN, there exists a Core Team of members that meet more frequently to engage in critical work sessions in order to ensure that community decision-makers on the larger PLAN have the information, research, and pre-work necessary to move forward with policy decisions.

What this role IS What this role ISN’T
working group  that informs policy, legislative, and funding priorities and recommendations for advocacy and action on behalf of the network to lift their PAN peers for adoption
  • collective lobbying group, although individual members may have lobbying power outside of this group within their own organizations
  • Being the sole body responsible for developing and actionizing policy and advocacy work  on behalf of the Network
Supports the network to identify opportunities to develop and/or shift policy and funding to positively impact economic and social mobility in the region, including:

  • Informing a collective legislative and policy priorities
  • Understanding the impacts of existing policies, legislation, and funding
  • Monitoring emerging policies and legislation
  • Lifting opportunities for proactive policymaking
  • Adopting a partisan agenda or only advocating for the policy priorities of specific political parties, ideologies, or bodies
  • Focusing on policies and legislation that is not aligned to the economic and social mobility of the region, for example, is of interest to a single entity only
  • Wanting for policy and legislation to be developed by policymakers
Supports the network to take action to implement and/or shift policy to positively impact economic and social mobility in the region, including:

  • Providing education and awareness to the PAN and RMP network related to the potential impact of existing or emerging policies and legislation
  • Supporting PAN to issue calls-to-action around policy and advocacy opportunities to the community and policymakers as appropriate
  • Supporting the development of relationships with policymakers and relevant coalitions on behalf of the Network, including planning the annual ‘Day at the Capitol’


  • Requiring every organization at the table to adopt all parts of the collective legislative and policy priorities and/or take direct action on policy priorities
  • Only engaging with policymakers and coalitions who are at the RMP table
Monitoring and tracking the progress and impact of policy and advocacy efforts actionized through the network
Supporting the development of  communicating policy alignment accomplishments


Policy and Legislative Network Members

Theresa Booco, Policy & Budget Analyst, City of Westminster
Adam Burg,  Senior Advisor Legislative and Government Affairs, Adams County Government
Julie Duran Mullica, Council Member, City of Northglenn
Joe Ferdani, Chief Communications Officer, Adams 12 Five Star Schools
Seve Ghose, Director, Parks and Recreation, City of Thornton
Mathew LaCrue, Associate Managing Director of Children & Family Services, Dentons
Clay Cunningham, Chief Operations Officer, Community Reach Center
Ryan McCoy, Board of Education, President, Westminster Public Schools
Savannah Mantele, Sewald Hanfling Public Affairs
Jacque Phillips, Councilwoman, City of Thornton
Pam Smith, Director, Anythink Library
Kami Welch, President, Arvada Chamber of Commerce
Jenny Wilford, Mayor Pro Tem, Council Member, City of Northglenn
Cynthia Armendariz, Director of Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative, Colorado Department of Higher Education
Emma Pinter, County Commissioner, Adams County Government
Lynn Baca, County Commissioner, Adams County Government
Steve O’Dorisio, County Commissioner, Adams County Government
Eva Henry, County Commissioner, Adams County Government