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Funding Alignment Network

Funding Alignment Network(s)

The Funding Alignment Networks (FAN) supports the strategy for the alignment of funding and resources towards the outcomes-focused work the Partnership. The FAN is a group of elected decision-makers and designated individuals from investing partner organizations who lead the resource alignment and allocation for the collective work of Partners with the ultimate goal that public and private funding is targeted to spread and sustain data-driven practices that advance equitable outcomes.

What this role IS What this role ISN’T
Identify opportunities to fund outcomes focused work to support the Partnership to reach shared targets Funding or sponsoring programs solely based on previous awardship or perceived need
Develop calls to action to funders and philanthropists to provide funding and resources to collective work, including planning and hosting RMP’s Annual Call to Action to support visibility of the work Committing your organization to fund certain strategies or programs
Develop the criteria and internal structure for how they will evaluate opportunities for resource alignment and allocation for the Partnership and the Backbone
Work with the Asset Mapping Network to identify monitor and track financial resources impacting target populations Responsible for mapping all resources and services available across the region
Keep their organizations apprised of the work and ensure seamless communication of all efforts
Leverage expertise and connections to support and advance the work
Supporting the development of communicating resource alignment accomplishments