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RMP Chairs

RMP Chairs

The Community Leaders Council and Community Coalition are led by Co-Chairs that include representatives from both groups that serves as the Executive Committee of RMP that:

  • Helps ensure information is liaised between both the Community Coalition and the Community Leaders Council 
  • Confirms new community members and partners joining the network
  • Works with RMP Backbone Team to prepare for upcoming meetings, work sessions, and innovation labs

Chairs hold one of the following seats: 

  • Local government 
  • Education
  • Business
  • Social sector
  • The chair of the Community Coalition
  • The chair of the Backbone Board of Directors

Current RMP Chairs

Dr. Chris Fiedler
Superintendent, 27J Schools

Raymond Gonzales
President, Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation (MDEDC) and Executive Vice President of Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

Peter LiFari
Chief Executive Officer, Maiker Housing Partners




Randy Roberts
President, Triple Peak Law Advisors 
Board of Directors Chair