Who We Are

Partnership Members

The Infrastructure: Cross Sector Leaders Working Together

  • This is the ‘organizational chart’ for the network.
  • Through the Community leaders Council, leaders from across the region work together within their spheres of influence and areas of expertise to meet shared targets.
  • It is led by an executive committeeknown as the Steering Committee; and supported by a neutral infrastructure known as ‘The Backbone’

How Do These Groups Work Together?

RMP Leadership Networks each support a critical area to achieve the Partnership’s larger shared targets.

The role of the Backbone Team is to support cohesion of these groups with strategy development, data support, and facilitation utilizing the StriveTogether Theory of Action to ensure work across the Partnership is not siloed. The Backbone Team Board of Directors is responsible for the needed capacity and capability to oversee the fiscal operations of the Backbone and Partnership to this end.

The Backbone Team and respective Champions will give updates at Partnership Accountability Network (PAN) meetings and liaise back to their networks.

Want to learn more about the roles and how they work? Click below to view RMP Community Leaders Council Roles

RMP Community Leaders Council Roles