Who We Are

Partnership Members

Partnership Members

We, the Rocky Mountain Partnership, are a coalition of cross-sector partners and community members committed to working TOGETHER to solve challenging problems that get in the way of community members’ ability to be economic and social mobility. We engage a 501c(3) that employs a dedicated team, separate from participating organizations, to drive the shared work.

RMP’s work is driven by a large community leadership table called the Community Leaders Council.

Meet the Network

RMP’s Chairs


RMP’s Steering Committee

The Chairs are responsible for driving the work of the network and providing direct consultation to the RMP team in preparation for moving the work forward. Chairs are community members and leaders from local government, education, nonprofit, and other critical sectors.

Serves as the Executive Committee and leads the strategy for the Partnership. The Steering Committee sets the strategic priorities for the network and provides strategic leadership and guidance to the Community Leaders Council and Youth and Community Coalition of the Rockies.

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The Community Leaders Council


Meet the Board of Directors for the Backbone

Cross-sector leaders representing partner organizations from across the region who:

  • Set shared targets towards social and economic mobility on behalf of the network AND holds the network accountable for meeting those targets
  • Drive the implementation of the strategic plan
  • Support removing barriers to the collective work
  • Communicate out calls to action


The 501(c)(3) Board of Directors holds fiduciary responsibility and oversight for the RMP team. The Board of Directors works as a sub-committee of the Community Leaders Council to ensure that there are resources in place for the neutral infrastructure that supports the network.

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Meet the Youth and Community-Led Coalition of the Rockies


Meet the RMP Backbone Team

The Youth and Community Coalition of the Rockies is comprised of youth and community members directly impacted by RMP’s priority areas. They are trained, supported and engaged to change the systems impacting their lives.

The RMP Backbone team brings partners doing work in priority areas together so everyone can do their pieces well in a more coordinated way, and also helps to fill the gaps for what is not already in place to meet our goals.

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Jody Nowicki, RMP Senior Director of Stakeholder Impact, serves as the Project Manager for Partnership Membership. Contact Jody at JodyNowicki@RMPBackbone.org with additional questions or to learn more.