What We Do

Shared Targets Towards Economic and Social Mobility

Initial Shared Target for the Network

This work is about reduction of poverty and improving the overall well-being of individuals and industry across the region. Credential Attainment is one measurement the community can utilize to monitor progress towards economic and social mobility.

The Partnership’s First Global Target towards boosting upward mobility within the region is measuring Postsecondary Credential Attainment (PSCA).  As the shared work continues to grow, additional targets that measure economic and social mobility will be set.

RMP Initial Target

By 2025, 50% (est. n= 193,000) of adults in Adams and Broomfield Counties will earn a post-high school certificate or degree. This includes eliminating equity gaps between all racial and ethnic groups. (That is an increase of an estimated 45,800 people in 5 years.)

This target is in direct alignment with the statewide target of the Colorado Department of Higher Education. Establishing this initial collective target allows the network to build upon pre-existing collective work that impacts all of the data domains, and overall community well-being.

The Colorado Department of Higher Education Statement Target

By 2025, 66% of Coloradoans aged 25 to 34 will hold a high-quality postsecondary credential (certificate or degree)

Why is RMP Focusing on a Different Age Group than the State?
  • The State has a specific focus on adults ages 25-34, specifically those who started but did not attain credential or degree
  • RMP is developing strategies to focus on children, youth, and adults of all ages in order to have the greatest impact possible for the region and create sustainable and multigenerational solutions. This target is one way we are measuring the impact of these strategies towards economic and social mobility.

To learn more, contact Matt Horn, Collaborative Action Facilitator at MattHorn@RMPbackbone.org