Policy and Advocacy

How Policy Impacts the Data

How Policy Impacts the Data

Policy & Data Overview

The network uses data to understand what data points are most critical to shift and close equity gaps. That understanding is used by the Policy and Legislative Advisory Network (PLAN) to inform the creation of annual policy agendas.

Once the Policy & Legislative Advisory Network establishes an annual policy agenda, they use the agenda to guide advocacy efforts at the institutional, local, state, and federal levels of government. After the group supports legislation, they track the implementation of that legislation after the fact to ensure it’s having the intended effect. The group also monitors that legislation to understand where it’s impacting metrics on the Partnership’s scorecard.

How Policy Shows Up in the Collective Work

The Policy and Legislative Advisory Network adopts policy priorities by aligning the collective work of the Partnership, the community’s most pressing needs surrounding inequities amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic, and an understanding of which policies are likely to have the most momentum at all levels of government in the coming year.

The Policy & Legislative Advisory Network understands that individual policies can have a narrow scope, but have a ripple effect in all the Partnership’s areas of collective work. As the group builds its capacity in the policy and advocacy space, the Partnership will consider other ways to get involved in the lawmaking process, up to potentially drafting its own policy in coming years. Using data and community voice and perspective to identify the problems, understand the current state, and determine the largest barriers in the way allows this group to have the biggest potential impact on creating systemic change in the community.