Policy, Advocacy, and Public Funding


The Rocky Mountain Partnership (RMP) is participating in a pilot through StriveTogether, Shifting Public Accountability and Resources to Center Youth (SPARCY), to:

  • Understand where public dollars are currently being allocated
  • Identify gaps & work with youth and community members most impacted to develop a fiscal plan to close them

The work will focus on three strategies between the years 2021-2023

Performing Youth & Community Impact Assessments Creation of Strategic Finance Plan Focusing on Youth & Community Engagement
  • Determine the impact of policy on youth, their families, and the larger community
  • Features a series of questions to highlight consequences for community of proposed policy or program
  • Identities gaps in funding & determine how to close them, depending on the goals
  • Includes goals for improved access to high quality programs and services & an estimate of the cost to improve that access
  • Mobilize, amplify, and elevate the voices of youth, their families, and community members most impacted in the fight for equity
  • Ensure the community is involved in co-developing solutions for their own region


How is SPARCY different from the work of the Funding Alignment Network?

  • RMP’s Funding Alignment Network will be convening of philanthropic organizations considering the allocation of private dollars to achieve outcomes
  • The SPARCY work is solely focused on public dollars
How will we use the information gleaned from this technical assistance?

  • The strategic financing plan and youth impact assessments will be used to develop plans to close identified funding gaps
  • May include ballot initiatives, public advocacy, or something else depending on what’s learned
This sounds youth-focused. How will this help the Partnership achieve its targets if we’re focused on all ages?

  • This is YOUR pilot as the Rocky Mountain Partnership, and you have full control over the targets and goals set in alignment with this work, including how the work through this pilot impacts community members that may not be youth
  • The Backb0ne Team has communicated our holistic focus to improve economic and social mobility to the SPARCY team and work is happening beyond just youth and their cradle to career journey

For any more questions, please contact Kayah Swanson, Senior Director of Policy & Advocacy, at KayahSwanson@rmpbackbone.org