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National Affiliation with StriveTogether

National Affiliation with StriveTogether

StriveTogether is a national movement with a clear purpose: helping every child succeed in school and in life from cradle to career, regardless of race, ethnicity, zip code or circumstance. StriveTogether refuses to settle for a world where a child’s potential is dictated by the conditions into which they are born, so we work together to break down barriers, change systems, and improve lives.

In partnership with nearly 70 communities across the country, StriveTogether provides coaching, resources and rigorous approaches to create opportunities and close gaps in education, housing and so much more. StriveTogether uses data to illuminate problems and solutions, tackle tough conversations and deliver impactful results for 13.7 million children and counting. Click the button below to learn more about StriveTogether.

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The Rocky Mountain Partnership is designated as a “Sustaining” member of the StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network.

In 2012, RMP joined the StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network. As part of the network, RMP adopted its guiding framework for changing systems and improving community outcomes, called the StriveTogether Theory of Action™. This Theory of Action™ provides progressive milestones towards transforming systems, rather than a prescription for change, and has been evaluated for impact by an outside evaluator: Equal Measures. Click the button below to view the current Theory of Action™.

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Below is RMP’s Strategic Plan Dashboard which includes:

  • RMP’s annual assessment of its progress in StriveTogether’s Theory of Action™, including action it is taking in 2022 to advance along the gateways
  • StriveTogether’s assessment of RMP’s progress in the Theory of Action™
  • StriveTogether’s network comparison tool, which allows you to compare RMP to other StriveTogether affiliates