Our Approach

Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Throughout the community, there is an incredible amount of momentum around community engagement and mobilization. Even still, decisions are often made without engaging the people most impacted by them. In order to achieve our vision and mission, we have to ensure our community members are holding the power to drive strategies and action that will help them thrive.

How We Do This

Youth and Community-Led Coalitions
  Youth and community-led coalitions mobilize those most impacted within each of Rocky Mountain Partnership (RMP)’s priority areas so they have a fair chance to advocate for themselves and have the resources needed to be successful.

This includes developing messaging and strategies to advocate for the resources and supports they need, and that they deserve.

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Developing Action Jointly With Community


Community members with lived experience work TOGETHER with formal decisionmakers to develop strategies and action that will most help the community across RMP’s priority areas.

This includes having community members be an equal participant in work sessions or as a standing member of RMP workgroups and leadership tables.


Community Voice and Perspective


Gather and utilize stories, perspectives, and insights from community members with lived experience to inform and drive collective work within RMP’s priority areas.

This happens through focus groups, interviews, surveys, and other efforts.

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Moving from ‘Inform’ to ‘Hold Power’

Through our community engagement efforts, we are ultimately working to support our larger community to move beyond community members providing information to inform decisionmakers, to support community members into positions with decision making authority and to drive strategies and conversations.

The journey from ‘Inform’ to ‘Hold Power’ is illustrated in the Community Engagement Spectrum below. Click the image below to see examples of what moving across the spectrum looks like in practice.

Champions for This Work

The following community leaders work to mobilize their peers to break down barriers and advance community engagement efforts across the Rocky Mountain Partnership.

Dr. James Duffy

Chief Operating Officer, Westminster Public Schools

Maria Gonzalez

Founder and CEO, Adelante Community Development

Peter LiFari

Executive Director, Maiker Housing Partners

Take Action

Invest in Community-Led Coalitions Invest in RMP’s larger work Join the Network
Invest in the resources coalitions need to mobilize community members and take action, including stipends to compensate community members for their time Invest in our collective capacity to bring people together to find common ground and engage in collective work across our priority areas Join the larger coalition of cross-sector partners and community members WORKING TOGETHER to ensure all community members have the opportunity to thrive from cradle to career
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