Community Engagement


Community Engagement

Building Community Power Champions:

Maria Gonzalez
Founder & CEO, Adelante
Community Development | Building
Community Power, Co-Champion

Peter LiFari
Executive Director, Maiker
Housing Partners | Basic Needs &
Building Community Power, Co-Champion


Dr. James Duffy
Chief Operating Officer,
Westminster Public Schools | Building
Community Power, Co-Champion


The Approach

Centering community members who are most impacted by decision making is crucial to achieve economic and social mobility for all.  The Rocky Mountain Partnership is committed to advancing through this Community Engagement Spectrum in order to holistically assess the roles, contributions and decision-making power of youth, families and the community across all of the collective work as they move toward shifting power.

Specifically, the network is focused on the following elements of Community Engagement:

Community Voice and Perspective

Qualitative data gathered from community members that is used to inform action and decisions

Co-Development of Solutions Decisions are being jointly developed by those who currently hold formal authority and those impacted by systems and/or those who have lived experience in order to achieve results toward economic and social mobility.
Building Community Power Community members most impacted by systems and/or those with lived experiences hold and retain leadership positions with authority and decision making power.


For more information about the network approaches community engagement, check out the Frequently Asked Questions!

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