Our Approach


About the Institute

RMP’s training Institute is the overarching umbrella under which the RMP Backbone Team provides training, coaching, technical assistance, and support for Partners and Backbone Staff in implementing its Outcomes Focused Approach.

As a collective Partnership of cross-sector entities, the overall strategic framework through which we work calls for support from RMP’s Backbone team to support our basic tenants…

How the Institute Supports Improving Economic and Social Mobility for ALL Community Members Outcomes

Given that we know the finish line we are working to cross (Economic and Social Mobility for All community members Outcome areas), it is critical to strengthen the muscles of our Partnership and staff to get there, and more importantly, stay there. This is where the capability-building process comes in through the RMP Institute. By “capability”, we mean the ingrained ability to do this Outcomes Focused Work.

The magic of how we strengthen these muscles comes from an unwavering commitment to meet partners where they are at, and develop a plan for building these capabilities, and then sustaining them. This happens through a curriculum delivered through online and in-person offerings tailored to provide both generalized and customized support. The real key to capability building, however, is not a “one-size-fits-all” standardized set of capability-building opportunities, but the coaching that happens between opportunities. Coaching allows these capability-building journeys to become customized and contextualized to what support makes the most sense of an individual, organization, or collective group, and allows participants to move through their journey at their own pace.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, contact Ashley Edinger, Senior Director of Strategic Supports, at AshleyEdinger@RMPBackbone.org.