What We Do

Building Community Power

It’s not enough to have community members consult or inform the work. This is about:

Ensuring that decisions are being jointly developed by those who currently hold formal authority and those impacted by systems and/or those who have lived experience in order to achieve results toward economic and social mobility.
Community members most impacted by systems and/or those with lived experiences hold and retain leadership positions with authority and decision making power.

The network doesn’t have all the answers to get there. However, it is working together to figure it out, starting with:

  • Partnership Composition Reflective of the Community: Understanding the current composition of The Partnership and identifying where opportunities exist to build on the strengths of this community by bringing additional, much needed voices to the network as change agents and develop strategies to this end.
  • Amplifying Voices: Utilizing authentic voice and perspective from those most impacted by existing systems/with lived experience to inform the collective work.
  • ‘Community Talks’ Podcast: Providing a brave space for community leaders, decision makers, youth and the larger community to engage in critical dialogue to move from talk to action to improve economic and social mobility for ALL community members.

For more information about the network works to build community power, see Frequently Asked Questions down below!

Building Community Power FAQs

Click HERE to learn more about  Building Community Power Network (formally the Youth Voice Committee), which serves to guide the efforts of the Rocky Mountain Partnership around garnering community voice and perspectives.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, contact Matt Horn, Collaborative Action Facilitator, at MattHorn@RMPbackbone.org