What We Do

Building Community Power

Bringing community members to the table as change agents. Not informants.

The Partnership has embraced a focus on building community power by supporting decision making tables to include those impacted by systems and/or those with lived experience as change agents, rather than informants.

The network doesn’t have all the answers to get there. However, it is going to work together to figure it out, starting by:

  • Examining and addressing the unconscious biases that exist within the Backbone Team, Board of Directors, and Community Leaders Council in order to ensure equitable policies and practices are ingrained into the DNA of the Partnership at all levels.
  • Engaging in intentional work to understand the current composition of the RMP Network and Backbone Team and working to disrupt network and community systems to co-build community power and co-develop strategies with community members most impacted by existing systems and/or with lived experience.
  • Building a brave climate and culture conducive to ensuring community members most impacted by existing systems and/or those with lived experiences are change agents within the all network leadership tables and The Backbone Team.

The partnership is utilizing all available resources to support equitable structures and results, including participation in StriveTogether’s Co-Development of Solutions Fellowship.

Click HERE to learn more about The Community Voice Network (formally the Youth Voice Committee) serves to guide the efforts of the Rocky Mountain Partnership around garnering community voice and perspectives.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, contact Matt Horn, Collaborative Action Facilitator, at MattHorn@RMPbackbone.org