This Week in Policy & News: Through February 12, 2023

The Rocky Mountain Partnership is committed to advancing the economic and social mobility of the individuals and families who live and work in our community. This work complements regional economic development efforts by focusing on innovative, collaborative projects in areas that impact community members’ ability to thrive.

This email blast provides a one-stop-shop for key updates and news around policy and legislation that impacts the Rocky Mountain Partnership’s shared goals.

State Legislative Session Updates

Below you will find any updates related to state legislation impacting RMP’s shared goals.

By the Numbers


Total Bills Introduced


Bills in the RMP Tracker


Of These Bills Passed First Chamber

New Bills We Are Keeping An Eye On

  • SB23-115: Department of Education Supplemental
  • SB23-118: Department of Higher Education Supplemental
  • SB23-136: Adjustments To School Funding Fiscal Year 2022-23
  • SB23-140: Fentanyl Study Deadline And Appropriation
  • SB23-144: Prescription Drugs For Chronic Pain
  • SB23-146: Colorado Apprenticeship Directory Information
  • HB23-1184: Low-income Housing Property Tax Exemptions
  • HB23-1186: Remote Participation In Residential Evictions

Bills Being Heard in Committee This Week

These are bills that legislators are taking a deeper dive into, making amendments to, hearing from the public about, and figuring out if they should be sent back to the larger group to vote on.

Monday, February 13

1:30 PM

  • SB23-080: Tax Credit Parental Engagement In Schools
  • HB23-1112: Earned Income And Child Tax Credits
Tuesday, February 14

Upon Adjournment

  • SB23-065: Career Development Success Program

1:30 PM

  • HB23-1113: County Impact Notes By Legislative Council
  • HB23-1120: Eviction Protections For Residential Tenants
Wednesday, February 15

1:30 PM

  • HB23-1115: Repeal Prohibition Local Residential Rent Control
Thursday, February 16

1:30 PM

  • SB23-091: Access To Behavioral Health Services
  • HB23-1105: Homeowners’ Association And Metropolitan District Homeowners’ Rights Task Forces
  • HB23-1118: Fair Workweek Employment Standards

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Bills Out of Committee and Headed to the Floor

These are bills that a committee of legislators said should go back to the larger group to discuss and vote on.

Monday, February 13

10:00 AM

  • HB23-1093: Higher Education Staff Sabbaticals
  • HB23-1099: Portable Screening Report For Residential Leases

Bills That Passed Their First Chamber

To send a bill to the Governor to sign into law, bills have to be heard in and pass both the House and the Senate. The bills below have passed either the Senate or the House and are headed to the other chamber.

  • SB23-046: Average Weekly Wage Paid Leave Benefits
  • SB23-115: Department of Education Supplemental
  • SB23-118: Department of Higher Education Supplemental
  • SB23-136: Adjustments To School Funding Fiscal Year 2022-23
  • SB23-140: Fentanyl Study Deadline And Appropriation
  • HB23-1064: Interstate Teacher Mobility Compact

Keep an Eye on State Legislation Using RMP’s Legislative Tracker

Over 370 bills have been introduced since the kickoff of the state legislative session.

As in past years, the RMP Backbone Team is keeping an eye on legislation impacting the network’s shared goals through our state legislative tracker. Relevant legislation will be lifted to RMP’s leadership tables to determine where education and awareness is needed to support decision makers.

Check out some of the bills introduced so far impacting these areas below.


Click the button to view RMP’s state legislative tracker in a new window.

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Additional News and Updates Updates

Below you will find additional news and updates impacting RMP’s shared goals.

Goal 2: Employers improve how they hire, retain, and promote diverse talent

AI used for hiring and recruitment can be biased. But that’s changing.
Artificial intelligence is commonly used in automated recruitment programs. It helps narrow down large pools of applicants using algorithms to match job seekers to open positions.

But there are growing concerns that this technology is disproportionately excluding certain groups, like women, people of color or those who don’t have college degrees, even when they’re perfectly qualified.

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Goal 3: Increase availability and accessibility of attainable housing

Colorado cities would get first right of first refusal when apartment buildings sell in new affordable housing plan
Colorado cities and counties would have the ability to snap up apartment complexes and convert them to affordable housing, rather than be sold to private bidders, under a new bill set to be introduced in the House in the coming days.

The bill applies to any development with three or more units in rural-resort settings or five or more units in urban areas. There are exemptions, like for the transfer of property to spouses or family, and local governments could waive the right entirely if the private buyer agrees to keep the units affordable.

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Goal 4: Distribute funds to reduce the impact of the opioid crisis

Denver wanted to open safe drug-use sites four years ago. Will the legislature finally let it?
When Denver’s city council cleared the way for a supervised drug-use site to open here in late 2018, it left one roadblock in place: The state legislature had to give its blessing first. More than four years later, a group of Colorado lawmakers are preparing a bill that would clear that obstacle.

The proposal, which is being drafted in the House, would let local governments decide whether to allow such sites to open in their jurisdiction. It wouldn’t set aside any money to fund any facilities, and cities would still have to provide their own approval. State drug laws also wouldn’t change; any illicit substances brought into a sanctioned site would have to be acquired elsewhere.

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